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Tirana Business University



TBU provides Bachelor and/or Master studies in: I) Business Administration with profiles Management, Finance & Accounting and Marketing; II) Law, Business Law; III) Public Administration.

All study programs are accredited by the act no. 326, dt. 15.08.2013 of the Minister of Education.

TBU offers full-time and extended study programs organized in subject modules and valued in credits according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).  Professional practice and diplomoa thesis are evaluated with credits.

TBU also offers short and medium term training courses formatted to the needs of enterprises, institutions and individuals by providing participants with the opportunity to increase their skills and professional knowledge. Along with the certificate the trainee also receives university credits. 

The basic study fee is 350,000 lekë for 60 credits in Bachelor programs. The fees for Master programs as well as training courses derive from the basic fee in proportion to the number of credits and program specifics. For the academic year 2014 - 2015, a base fee of 300,000 lekë was implemented by decision of the Shareholders Board. 

TBU offers partial and full study scholarship for high performance students, talents, as well as social categories in need.

For more detailed information you can read other categories of the website or you can download the study brochure.