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Tirana Business University

Practical Training

Practical Training

TBU is distinguished for the importance that it attaches to the practical training of the students in purpose that their connection with the labor market to start till the first days of the school and to be strengthened in the end of it, multiplying the chances to get employed during the University or very soon after graduation.

Practical training of the student is accomplished through a school programmed process that combines in escalation: i) Professional annual weekly practice based on an individualized work plan, with definite tasks, measurable and valued with increasing credits according to academic years, programs and studying levels; ii) Part time employment or ad-hoc; iii) 3-6 months Internship; iv) Employment with a fixed term contract; v) Permanent employment; vi) Self-employment of the student.

Practical training of the students until their employment is accomplished through increased cooperation with over 50 big Albanian companies, organizations and institutions all over these years. The capacities of TBU to plan practical training for the students and career launch till during the studies has been multiplied with the involvement of Balfin Group as shareholder in TBU.