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Tirana Business University

Tuitiom fees and Scholarships

Tuitiom fees and Scholarships

The tuition fee at TBU, for registrations in the academic year 2023-2024, is determined case by case based on the average grade, economic conditions and achievements of the candidate.

  • At the Faculty of Business and Law, the tuition fee in the BACHELOR programs is 200,000 ALL/for each 60 credits (ECTS), while in the MASTER programs it is 210,000 ALL/for each 60 credits (ECTS).
  • At the Faculty of Information Technology, the study fee in the BACHELOR programs is 220.000ALL/for each 60 credits (ECTS), while in the MASTER programs it is 230,000 ALL/for each 60 credits (ECTS)

• Tuition fee discounts, based on the economic situation, social conditions, results in competitions, and other achievements of the candidate are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, based on the student's reasoned request. The level of the scholarship/fee discount is determined in a meeting with TBU management staff and is reflected in each student's individual contract.



• When registering for the first time at TBU, a registration fee of 7,000 Lek is applied. The registration fee is paid only once, regardless of the transition from one program or study cycle to another. The registration fee is paid at the time of registration. 


• The  study fee is paid as a rule, in 2 installments, but in case of need justified by the student, the payment can be made in more installments. TBU encourages payment to be made through the student's income from employment during studies and does not apply interest for payment in installments.


• For students who come to TBU through the transfer process from another higher school, a proportional study fee is applied in relation to the remaining credits to be taken until the end of the program.


• The various administrative and school certificates that are given to the student at his request are made free of charge.


• Payment by the student is made to the bank accounts of Tirana Business University sh.p.k.:

Tirana Bank

IBAN LEK: AL52 2061 1035 0000 1303 1986 7100
IBAN EUR: AL25 2061 1035 0000 1303 1986 7101