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Tirana Business University

Theoretical formation

Theoretical formation

Theoretical formation in TBU is based on programs and methods that combine flexibly: I)subjects of general formation, subjects of relevant professional profile and interdisciplinary subjects; II) core subjects and elective subjects; III) group lessons with individualized teaching 

Students are given the opportunity to maximize the added value of the theoretical knowledge through individualized adaptation of the subject community and the teaching method. TBU encourages students and offers them free of charge the opportunity to develop more courses and receive more credits than the minimum number of credits for qualification in the respective program.

Along with the rich contemporary literature provided by pedagogues, the hard copy and on-line libraries of TBU through EBSCO and other primary sources of information, the theoretical formation is complemented and enriched by lecturer with double quality: I) with academic experience and the necessary skills for the transmission of knowledge; II) with information and daily experience because it simultaneously exercises the profession of manager, financier, accountant, marketer, jurist, lawyer, civil servant or is an entrepreneur himself.

A substantial part of the lessons are held: I) through applicative nature tasks of an individual or group of students; II)special seminars are held at the school by managers, jurists and senior specialists from various ventures, companies and institutions; III) student visits to partner enterprises and institutions.

In this way, everyday reality comes in every lesson, it fills and enriches the theoretical knowledge gained and makes them more understandable, more applicable and more durable.