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Tirana Business University

Subject modules

Subject modules

Education in TBU is based on programs and methods that combine with flexibility general training subjects,subjects of relevant professional profile and interdisciplinary subjects.At the beginning of Bachelor studies, the education is based on a higher specific weight of subjects of general training and then year after year is added a specific weight of subjects of professional and interdisciplinary training,especially in Master studies.

In Bachelor and Master programs is provided a number of core subjects which are complemented by elective subjects among a wide range of options to choose from.

The student under the guidance of the academic staff is able to maximize the added value of the knowledge, for the same credits of the respective program, combining basic subjects and elective subjects. TBU encourages students and offers you free of charge the opportunity to develop more courses and get more credits than the minimum number of credits for qualification in the respective program.

The professional practices of each academic year are evaluated with credits and notes.

You can find the list of core modules by clicking on the study brochure.