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Tirana Business University

About TBU

About TBU

Tirana Business University College is widely known as a College focused on quality and harmony of theory with practice.

After starting its activity on October 2010, TBU received institutional accreditation and all study programs by act no. 326, date 15.08.2013 of the Minister of Education.

TBU has graduated ten generations of students in Bachelor and Master and soon graduates the third generation of students.

TBU consists of the Faculty of Business and Law and the Faculty of Information Technology. 

The Faculty of Business and Law offers Bachelor's and/or Master's degree programs in Management, Finance-Accounting, Marketing, Law, Research, and related consulting services in their respective fields of competence.

The Faculty of Information Technology offers Bachelor's and/or Master's degree programs in Business Informatics, Software Engineering, and Computer Engineering.

TBU was founded on June 2010 by Artan Hoxha, Enea Janko, and Gjergj Buxhuku. In October 2014, BALFIN Group becomes a shareholder in TBU. In 2023, BALFIN Group becomes the main shareholder in TBU.

For more detailed information, you can read other categories on the website or you can download the study brochure.