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Tirana Business University

TBU Administration

TBU Administration

Tirana Business University sh.p.k. (or TBU sh.p.k.) is a private legal entity created and functioning in accordance with civil and commercial legislation, registered with the National Business Registry Agency (NBRA) under the Unified Identification Number (NUIS) L01801024T.

The Higher Education Institution "TBU College" constitutes the primary activity of TBU sh.p.k. and is organized and functions in full compliance with Law No. 80/2015 on Higher Education and Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Albania.

The commercial status of TBU sh.p.k. and the academic status of "TBU College" are distinguishable, yet relatively independent and harmonious with each other, in accordance with the principles and regulations of the relevant legislation in force, as defined in the statutes of TBU sh.p.k. and the statutes of "TBU College".


Administrator, Tirana Business University sh.p.k.