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Tirana Business University

Accreditation of TBU

Accreditation of TBU

Tirana Business University College ("TBU" University College) has been re-accredited institutionally and for all the study programs it offers by the Accreditation Board of the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

The decision for institutional reaccreditation, now for the third time in a row, was given by the Accreditation Board on December 16, 2021, with a deadline of December 15, 2026 (decision no. 56, December 16, 2021).

All study programs at TBU have been re-accredited with the relevant decisions and the respective deadlines as follows: i) Bachelor "Business Law", 180 ECTS; ii) Professional Master "Business Law", 60 ECTS; iii) Professional Master "Business Administration", with profiles "Management" and "Accounting - Finance", 60 ECTS; iv) Professional Master "Advanced Business Administration", with profiles "Management", "Accounting-Finance" and "Law Business", 120 ECTS, until September 30, 2024 (decision no. 8 and no. 9, dated January 22, 2021); v) Bachelor in Business Administration, with "Management", "Marketing" and "Accounting - Finance" profiles, 180 ECTS, with a deadline until April 21, 2026 (decision no. 33, dated April 22, 2022); vi) Master of Science in "Business Administration", 120 ECTS, with deadline until April 21, 2025 (decision no. 34, dated April 22, 2022).