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Tirana Business University



Balfin Group, the largest business group in Albania with activity in several countries, annual turnover in 2014 of over 500 million euros and with a number of employees over 3000 people through its companies such as TEG, QTU, NEPTUN, JUMBO, ALBCHROME, MANE TCI, SPAR, FASHION GROUP, TIRANA LOGISTIC PARK, FINAL, etc., provides many opportunities for the practical training of our students.

TBU and Balfin Group are implementing and perfecting instruments serving this purpose, which include:

* Planned professional practices under the guidance of an experienced leader;

* Conducting teaching visits to group companies and facilities;

* Commitment of students in temporary paid work;

* Commitment of managers, lawyers and specialists of this group in the development of special lessons and seminars in TBU;

At the same time, these tools and methods serve the Balfin Group and its companies to identify those TBU students who will be employed in different positions by group companies based on their performance at school and in practice awarded with scholarships and permanent employment.

The need of the Balfin Group to employ talented and dedicated young people is growing year by year by increasing the chances of TBU students for professional careers.

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