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Tirana Business University



The TBU model is characterized by:

  • Combined theoretical training and simultaneous with the practical training of the student for each bachelor academic year for the purpose of hiring in the study profile before the graduation.
  • Sustainable partnership and cooperation with over 50 companies, banks and professional offices that are investing in human resources, guaranteeing the student's practical training and multiplying the chances of employment.
  • The academic staff is selected with dual experience in teaching and their relevant profession. Most of them with important roles in companies, banks, professional offices and institutions.
  • Accredited study programs with strong practical orientation, in line with market development needs and pace.
  • Stringency but also flexibility and individualization of the learning process in order to achieve the objectives of each student.
  • Small number of students admitted every academic year, but qualitative and with enterprising.

TBU has a mission to contribute to the creation and growth capacity of entrepreneurial, managerial, administrative, legal, private and public sector capacities through a high-quality focused and qualitative university model that harmonizes theoretical formation with the practical training of students.