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Tirana Business University

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1.Which is the way that TBU uses for student integration in the job field?

The bases of the studies in TBU is the theoretical harmony with the students practical skill, the purpose of  employment before graduation. Proffessional practice, a part of the educational program, is done in every academic year starting from Bachelor till the very end Master, also it is valued with credits in contingency and grades. Balfin Group and its partners in the TBU welcome students every year to develop professional practices based in an individualized plan for every student and it is supervised under some of the most experienced staff of TBU and partner companies.

2.What kind of ways of studying does TBU offer?

Study methods in TBU are: a) full-time study. b) Prolonged time study. c) Distanced study.

3.Is it possible to transfer my studies to TBU? What are the steps to follow?

TBU offers study transfers for students of the same year inside the institution or other high educational institutions, even for previous study programs of the first cycle. The decision for the full recognition or half of the accumulated credits from a student, belongs to the study structure which the student approves according to the defined criteria in the regulation for the transfers.

4.I am interested for a scholarship in TBU.How can/may I apply?

You can get informed about the study scholarships and the application procedures by clicking on Tariffs and scholarships.

5.What is the cost for Bachelor program? What about Master? Is itpossible to pay with installments?

You can get informed about the study payments and the opportunity of paying with installments by clicking on Tariffs and scholarships.

6.What language is TBU taught?

Teaching in TBU is conducted in Albanian.