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Tirana Business University

Research Center

Research Center

The Center for Economic and Legal Research and Studies (CELRS) is a base unit that functions at the faculty of Law. The CELRS organizes and leads TBU’s research activity.

Head of CELRS is PhD. Arjan Lame.

Responsibilities and competences in particular of Mr. Lame are:

  1. Coordinates the research plan with faculty departments;
  2. Organizes scientific activities and / or in collaboration with other local or foreign universities;
  3. Develops conferences, symposiums, scientific forums ,university, intercollegiate and international round table discussions;
  4. Draws and activates the best students of faculties in scientific and publishing activity, prepares supplementary modules for students and other similar activities;
  5. Publishes and releases, in addition to the textbooks, study summaries, reports, press releases, etc.
  6. Any other responsibility and / or anticipated competence for, in this Statute or other regulatory acts.
  7. Any responsibility and / or competence recognized only by the head of the research center from the L-AL in force, applicable in the case of non-public higher education institutions.

For any information related to the CELRS activity you can contact by email at: