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Tirana Business University

Secretary Of the University

Secretary Of the University

The office of the School Secretary has these main duties:

1.Takes care of the registration process, and generates a special ID no. for each student, in accordance with our Privacy Policies.

2.Takes care of the transfer process in accordance with the decision of the Equivalence Committee and assists the students with the proper documentation.

3.Arranges the class, exam, consultations and practice schedule, approved by the admiration.

4.Takes care of the testing process. Arranges the exams and submits them to the relevant department.

5.Announces the results of the knowledge possession of every student, regarding the students privacy.

6.Documents all the relations towards homolog institutions.

7.Oversees the student performance, in accordance with the approved study plan and alerts the student when concluded the opposite.

8.Keeps in touch with the students, regarding their performance and notified the Dean for any abnormalities in the student performance.

9.Keeps in touch with the students family and updates them constantly regarding the performance of the student.

10.Proposes to the Dean ways on improving the quality of documentation process and the service towards the student community.

11.Oversees the progress of the education process and notified the relevant departments when observed abnormal activities.

12.Notifies the administrator when: students decide to interrupt their studies, students who resume their studies and proceeds as advised by the proper commission.

13.Takes care of all the documentation concerning the students.

14.Oversees the students various data on students and academic staff's progress.