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Tirana Business University

Study in TBU!

Study in TBU!

In these years, TBU has created a good name as a school that is fully dedicated to each of its students where teaching and ameliorative practices are taken seriously. Every student is appreciated and supported based on their zeal, individual achievements, and their contribution to teamwork.

TBU is becoming the school where the biggest businesses in our country can identify their future managers and jurists, and where these companies themselves get involved and contribute to building the students up professionally during their schooling process, creating by a continual connection, closeness, and mutual trust with the student, which continues to be the same even after they finish their studies.

TBU’s achievements are not only thanks to our hard work but also thanks to the model we have chosen to follow as well. TBU is designed to be a small school but a very qualified one, as a proverb says—“ quality over quantity”.

This gives us the possibility:

I) to provide real ameliorative practices to students for these few companies that offer and require these possibilities.

II) to introduce students to the reality of the Albanian market through the Professors who meanwhile work as managers, bankers, financiers, marketers, lawyers, and they complete their theoretical lessons with their information and experience in every class.

III) to build individual programs that maximize the added value of the taken knowledge and the gained skills, also to use the individual processes of teaching, orientating, and taking care of the student.

For the values and for the opportunities that it offers, if you want to become a successful business leader, if you want to become a skilled jurist for business rights or to get prepared to start your own business, if you want to make a freelancing career or a consultancy, or if you want to become a skilled administrative official, we encourage you to consider Tirana Business University as the best option for your college education, for a safer future because in TBU you do not get only a degree but you start your career while you study.