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Tirana Business University

Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office at TBU is responsible for issues concerning students' interests.

The main functions of the Student Affairs Office at TBU are:

  1. Preparation for recruitment and admission of new candidates as students - coordination with the pre-university system and TBU partners, promotion of TBU and its academic offerings.
  2. Career counseling and guidance for students - planning and leading formative activities to promote students' personal and professional growth and development.
  3. Maintenance and empowerment of relationships with alumni - development of joint activities aimed at strengthening relationships and fostering collaboration.
  4. Coordination and strengthening of relationships with the TBU community - planning joint activities that engage the community and enhance inter-institutional cooperation.
  5. Development of academic services - activities related to student ID cards, IT services, international student connections, formative events, socio-cultural and sports activities, etc.
  6. Student referral point regarding TBU structures and community - serving as a bridge between students and other students, academic and administrative staff, alumni, and business partners.

Coordinator: Julja Husha