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Tirana Business University

Social and cultural activities

Social and cultural activities

1. Tirana Business University College in the framework of supporting and promoting artistic activity of Albanian creators, as an important part of entrepreneurship and creative economy of the country and as a valuable and irreplaceable source of the aesthetic, moral and spiritual empathy of Albanian society has organized a total of seven painting exhibitions for visual art lovers.

Get information on the organized exhibitions during 2010-2016 by clicking here.

  1. The red in the bedroom| November, 2010
  2.  Guri Madhi & Modern Art. | June,2011
  3.  Two PartsPieces | May, 2012
  4.  Albanian Figurative Art on 100th Anniversary| October,2012
  5.  The First Inspiration | June,2014
  6.  Artistic Encouragement of Generations| June,2016
  7.  Con-Teo-Art | November, 2016

2. Tirana Business University College organized numerous and different kind of activities with students, professors and partners.

To get known with these activities you can click on photos from activities visit the official TBU profile on social networks: Facebook (click); Instagram (click).

3. Tirana Business University College sponsors U18 Superior Klima basketball club. There are six basketball player of this club that study in TBU.