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Tirana Business University

Words from the Students

Words from the Students

 “In TBU I found myself not only professionally but also personally. The most appropriate academic model and the warm social environment merge into one. Combining every academic year with theoretical knowledge and practical training makes TBU unique and the right choice for any student seeking to knock on the doors of success.” - Xhejni Lito, Bachelor in Business Administration.

“According to the modern definition of “career” it is said that it starts at college. If we choose a good school, we have also determined the direction of our professional career. TBU, because it's the right choice for the right career!”- Orges Deda, Master of Science in Business Administration.


“I have always believed that the future for a person is the result of their choices as well as the dedication to realize their dreams. I'm proud that my choice was #TBU. Success is easier when you are part of this family!”- Enkeleda Hajderasi, Professional Master in Business Law.


“Studies in TBU motivate me to do better, lead better, bring positivity, and be open minded wherever I go. TBU is my guide in the profession and in life!” Majlinda Sheshi, Bachelor in Business Law.


“TBU is an added value and generator of values ​​in the education of generations. I am convinced that #TBU will be a factor of change in Albanian society.” - Adenil Pjetri, Professional Master in Business Law.


“Nowadays, 'to choose' is the main problem. When you feel fulfilled as a student is very good, but when you are supported as an individual is your own miracle ... This is TBU! " - Matilda Mulhaxhia, Professional Master in Business Administration.

“Any choice we make is difficult and unsure! Every step we take is challenging! Being part of the #TBU community, you have the ease and security towards your goal on being successful! If you still have your choice, do not think too much, choose TBU, as you will not only get a diploma but also start a career! " -  Klodjana Lleshaj, Bachelor in Business Administration


“I'm proud and lucky that I'm part of #TBU today. For me, TBU is a great family where human virtues are harmonized with work, passion and co-operation. TBU is always ready to welcome you and contribute to your success. Thanks TBU. "- Elton Saliaj, Bachelor in Business Administration.


Investing in yourself is a continuous process to being successful! If you choose #TBU, you will acquire the knowledge, skills and values ​​that will accompany you throughout your life ...”- Xhulja Deliu, Bachelor in Business Administration