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Tirana Business University

Professional practice

Professional practice

One of the strongest points of the study program at Tirana Business University College is the professional practice as an equally important component of student formation that prepares it more directly to the labor market.

Vocational practice is carried out every academic year and is evaluated with escalation and grade credits.

Balfin Group and other TBU partners welcome each year our students to develop professional practices based on an individualized plan for each student conducted under the leadership of the most experienced staff of partner companies and TBU.

Starting from the entrance and the end of Bachelor studies, every TBU student should have at least 24 weeks of professional practice in different companies and in different positions of work so that his/hers practical training will be a contagious spiral that is in harmony with the spiral of theoretical formation.

The TBU also enables the conduct of prolonged, several months of internships in the third year Bachelor with a view to hiring a student before graduation. Extended professional practices are also offered to students of previous years, in harmony with the level of knowledge in the respective academic year.

For Master students, compulsory professional practice is developed as a management project. The student sets objectives to be achieved, designs a work plan and applies it under the guidance of experienced staff of companies and TBU. For Master students who are not in employment, TBU enables performing compulsory and / or extended professional practice with partner companies for the purpose of student employment prior to graduation. Job-based students can develop their professional workplace practice only if their profile matches the profile of their studies.