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Tirana Business University

Students Government

Students Government

Students government is an independent organization which is democratically elected every year from the students of Tirana Business University College with main purpose and responsibility to openly express opinions and proposals for all the problems of general interest, which are related to teaching and scientific activities of the University, like plans and teaching programs, regulations for teaching activities, the right to study, the quality of service and the development of different cultural, artistic and sportive activities.

Purposes and objectives:

  • Involvement of students and their representatives in the activities of creation and improvement of plans and teaching programs, teaching process;
  • Involvement of students and their representatives in the activities of the government of TBU;
  • To treat student’s problems and to take action for their solutions;
  • To create structures to inform students and to take care of their progress;
  • To collaborate with leading bodies of TBU in purpose to improve the teaching and scientific-research level;
  • To create helping structures in the development of out-of-school activities for students;
  • To develop the educational and cultural level of students;
  • To organize activities aiming for entertainment in its most varied forms;
  • Engagement of students to evaluate the level, content and the quality of teaching process through canvass to give their opinion for the content of programs and specific subjects, methods and methodologies of teaching, level of communication of lecturers, the quality in the development of lectures and seminars, etc.