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Tirana Business University

Tuitiom fees and Scholarships

Tuitiom fees and Scholarships

The maximum tuition fee for each 60 credits (ECTS), or an academic year is 350,000 (three hundred and fifty thousand) ALL.

Through 4 types of scholarships, TBU provides reduced tuition fees based on merit and/or need as follows:

Excellence Scholarships – for students of the Bachelor Cycle reduced fees are applied depending of the average mark of the previous year. The three grades of the average score are: I) 9.50-10.00; II) 9.00-9.49; III) 8.50-8.99 – achieved in the previous year, starting in the first Bachelor year based on the scores of high school marks combined with the State Matura exams and so on. The respective reduced annual fees are I) 70 thousand ALL; II) 140 thousand ALL; III) 210 thousand ALL.

For Master Cycle students, based on the results of the 3rd Bachelor Cycle year according to the three average score intervals, the following reduced fees apply: I) 175 thousand ALL; II) 210 thousand ALL; III) 245 thousand ALL.

Social Scholarships – for economically and/or socially deprived students, there is a possibility to reduce the annual fees as needed, assessed on a case by case basis based on the argumentation of the student's condition and opportunity.

Scholarships for National Contests with High School Students – Prices, the number of winners for each price and the respective reduced fees are determined each year depending on the number of individuals and teams participating in the contests "Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs" and "Tomorrow's Lawyers" and announced by  TBU at the Award Ceremony. For winners and nominees of 2018 contests (click here)

Talent Scholarships - for students with outstanding achievements well-known in art, culture, sport and other areas of life, tariffs are reduced proportionally to the degree of these achievements.

In case that a TBU student meets the criteria of more than one kind of scholarship, the lowest reduced fee is applied.

Payment of the tuition fee is usually done in 2 installments. If justified by the student, the payment is made in several installments, the most equal in value and evenly extended in time. When registered for the first time in TBU, a registration fee of 7 thousand ALL is applied. This fee is only paid once, regardless of switching from one program/cycle to another.

Various academic and administrative certificates given to the student upon his request are made free of charge.  For students who come to the TBU through the transfer process from another college, a proportional study fee is applied in relation to the remaining credits to be received until the end of the program. 

Payment is made in the bank account of Tirana Business University as follows: Banka Credins, Tirana, IBAN AL93 2121 1016 0000 0000 0023 1822,  Currency ALL.