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Tirana Business University

Student Business incubator

Student Business incubator

Development of practice knowledge and especially the support of development to the free enterprise and entrepreneurship at the students, not only meets  one of the objectives of TBU, but represent also a contribution to the society. In this context, TBU has created " Student business incubator" through which students initiative is supported. The business incubator offers for free spaces of the school, equipments, internet connection, counselling from academic staff or experiences people, oppurtinites for cooperation with partner business to provide their financial and technical support.

Enterprises entrants:

NeoCharger, set up from Elton Saliaj with NUIS - L62406027S, Business Administration Bachelor | Tel: +355 68 81 75 115; E-mail:

Digital Foot, set up from Ersen Dushi with NUIS - L62409026C, Master Professional student in Business Administration in the field of "Finance Accounting", | Tel: +355 69 47 09 038 ; E-mail: