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Tirana Business University

TBU - Rosseta Stone

TBU - Rosseta Stone

We gladly inform the public that we have reached an agreement with KORAL-INC, to putting in the disposal of the students and the academic staff, e-learning labs  (Rosetta Stone-TMM Campus Online). This labs will come in handy to students on improving leaving quality and will help them improve their foreign language skills.

The terms of the agreement are: the students and the academic staff will benefit a fee of 15€/year, to help them learn 6 foreign languages (American English, British English, German, Italian, French and Spanish) on all proficiency levels (A1, A2,B1,BE,C1), 24/24, 365 days per year, starting in the moment of the credential activation.

The following, is procedure on how to get access in this platform:

  1. You pay the fee of €15, to our financial department. 
  2. Show it to the School Secretary and the office of the Secretary will take care of the registration process.
  3. You will receive your credentials by email and start learning on your personal lab on Rosetta Stone-TMM Campus Online.

The Secretary’s office, will send your personal info over to KORAL-INC, in accordance to our strict Privacy Policies and they will send over by email your credentials and a quick tutorial on how to familiarize with the platform.