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Tirana Business University

Career/Employment Office

Career/Employment Office

Tirana Business University College (TBU) has a priority, the employability of its students, creating opportunities for professional practices in various companies and public institutions, in order for the students to gain experience and increase their job positioning prospects.

The Career and Employment Office in TBU focuses on: i) student internships and their preparation for successful entry into the labor market; ii) career orientation and continuous student counseling about the right direction or undertaking strategic choices in their careers.

The main functions of the office include direct interaction with students in order i) encourage the process of knowing the student and their recognition with himself/herself, ii) allow students to become aware of their individual preferences as well as the opportunities available in the market, iii) familiarize students with the expectations, demands and standards of the market, iv) prepare the students for their first introduction with the employer (CV, cover letter, interview, etc.), v) identify together career alternatives and build the career planning.

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