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Tirana Business University

Bachelor Programs

Bachelor Programs

Bachelor programs are completed upon the receipt of at least 180 earned ECTS from students. The teaching process is performed full-time, 5 days per week.

During the first and second year of the Bachelor's program in Business Administration, the curricula are mutual, and students gain wide knowledge on administration, during the third year the student has the opportunity to specialize in Management, Finance & Accounting, or Marketing.

The internship/ dedicated seminar is evaluated with a total of 15 credits, while the diploma/ final general exam is evaluated with 6 credits.

Due to the requirement of the Law, the program "Bachelor in Business Law", 180 credits/ 3 academic years, has been reorganized into the Integrated Program of the Second Cycle of “Justice", 300 credits/ 5 academic years. The reorganization is certified by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, order no. 216, dated 3.7.2020. 

The academic activity of the Integrated Program of the Second Cycle of “Justice" starts its implementation in the academic year 2020 - 2021. This program, year after year, will replace the "Bachelor in Business Law" program.